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Our Clients recognize the change landscape confronting their business and are investing in transforming the way they serve seniors and their communities. 

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Our Financial Advisory Services extend to a wide range of activities tailored to a situational assessment of your business. These efforts are dedicated to identifying opportunities to strengthen financial position and achieve optimal results of operations.


Property Development Services evolve out of Strategic Business Assessment where we identify opportunities to reposition and revitalize your property interests.

We are keenly focused on customizing property attributes for planned program development through renovation, expansion or other property initiatives.


Our Capital Formation Services leverage our industry expertise and extensive network of access to capital providers. Through our specialized knowledge and core competencies, we originate capital solutions and actively manage the underwriting process to closing.


We offer Digital Management Solutions to develop, support and/or augment your branding, web presence, and inbound marketing activities.

Our evolving suite of tools and services enable you and your team to optimize your online listings and focus on building your mailing lists and generating quality reviews for referrals.

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Today’s mobile revolution is about more than the newest smartphone and the next big app. It’s about leveraging these technologies to make it easy for your customers to find you online and visit your location(s). Inconsistent business location information across online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, social networks and search engines can negatively impact your brand and bottom line.

CCAs Digital Presence Management subscription empowers small business owners to benefit from Brand Accounting tools that are typically only available to larger organizations with extensive marketing resources in-house.

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Featured Knowledge Notes

Forget Memory – it’s about relationships

Like most of you, we have attended a lot of conferences, workshops and seminars since entering the “Senior Living” sector. As repeat attendees of The Annual Memory Care Summit and representing a graduate of The Erickson School, we have one single expectation from the...

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Experiencing the Memory Care Summit

By David McCarron We recently attended The Erickson School’s 5th Annual Memory Care Summit in Orlando, Florida. The Coronado Springs Resort at Disney World proved to be a symbolic venue represented by engaged staff who reminded us in real-time what the ideal customer...

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Data Integrity ACTIONS

By David Mccarron Data standards and integrity are arguably the two most critical ingredients when you consider achievement at either the (individual) human or (collective) global scale. There is no causation absent data (information) and there is no consequent...

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Knowledge Notes #003

This is an important issue because we want to update you on a project that we have been working on for well over a year called Sectour. Issue # 003 will provide you with a quick introduction to the project and also showcase some recommended content (new and old) from...

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Sixty is the new Sixty

By Christine Benton April 20, 2016  Until recently, society, in general, has regarded aging as a problem. This view on aging has impacted all aspects of life for the older generations, including healthcare, the workplace, housing, and end-of-life issues. However, a...

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Bridging Business & Emotional Intelligence

By David Mccarron If you have personal experience with Horses and the evolving field of Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL), you are aware of a powerful truism: animals, nature and the non-verbal skills they represent breed an accelerated path toward gaining confidence,...

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A Case for Convergence

The future of what we now call the Senior Living Industry needs to be forged by a more collective voice. We are all familiar with Miles’ Law which states that “where you stand depends upon where you sit.” If you apply this thinking to our own Industry, an important...

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