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A new way to pay for the single biggest expense in retirement

After surviving cardiac arrest in 2013, Martin Faga left the hospital to begin his recovery at home. It didn’t go smoothly. “It wasn’t clear what care or help I needed,” says Faga, 77. While his health improved over time, the retired chief executive of Mitre Corp., a nonprofit organization that runs federally funded research-and-development centers, knew he’d want more support if he needed in-home care again.

Seven urgent changes needed to fix senior living

Given the steep number of COVID-19 deaths and cases in nursing homes and lack of PPE there; the recent inability to see loved ones in assisted living and retirement communities as well as the poor pandemic communication between many operators and families of their residents, is it any wonder that senior living senior housing now has a giant black eye?

Senior Living Tech Spending Skyrockets Amid Covid-19, With Questions About Future – Senior Housing News

Senior living providers are spending much more on technology during Covid-19, even if many of them are also not sure what they’ll do with it in the future. Those are among the findings of a new survey conducted by Senior Housing News in partnership with global health technology firm Philips.

Covid-19 Opened the Telehealth Floodgates, But Barriers Remain in Senior Living – Senior Housing News

Over the past three months, senior living providers have embraced telehealth during shelter-in-place orders. At the same time, the way providers and residents use telehealth, along with the forces propelling it forward, continue to evolve. Changes in federal policy and new flexibilities from insurers – some of them from before the pandemic – have made …

Kramer: Covid-19’s ‘Creative Destruction’ of Senior Living Requires New Tech-Driven Models – Senior Housing News

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is dismantling a long-held notion among some senior living providers that health care is not their domain. That doesn’t mean senior living providers need to abandon hospitality-driven models altogether. But it does likely mean they need to rethink how they coordinate care within their communities, according to Nexus Insights Founder and …