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swot-opportunityStrategic Action Initiatives

  • Conduct a comprehensive situational analysis and develop strategic business plan for the enterprise
  • Develop specialized product and program services that promote market identity and heighten competitive advantage
  • Explore collaborative opportunities to strengthen market position and resource capacity (merger; partnership; alliance; other)
  • Migrate to diversify product and program services to represent the “Continuum of Care”
  • Collaborate to foster provider integration
  • Reevaluate the propriety of capital structure and evaluate alternative strategies
  • Conceive strategic plans that promote captive referrals
  • Leverage operating and reputational attributes to develop niche program services for targeted and /or ethnic populations
  • Promote greater community outreach and activities programming to enhance identity and foster relationships
  • Develop strategies to better penetrate the home and community based service realm
  • Strategically respond to targeted opportunities and trends tailored to heightened market position and increasing specialized capabilities
  • Broaden market identity to represent the Senior Care Community Provider in an outreach fashion of program development

Practice Attributes

  • Cultivate organizational development of a defined operating culture through leadership and effective “team building”
  • Invest in technology to foster progressive systems development and best practices compatible with collaborative partners
  • Promote emerging social network capabilities aligned with strategic plans and marketing initiatives
  • Foster combined skill sets of financial, clinical and operational capabilities among key management personnel