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Our engagement services are developed in careful consultation with our clients and are ideally aligned with identified needs and objectives. We strive to leverage the maximum utilization of existing client resources though our collaborative engagement influence.

Financial Advisory

Our Financial Advisory Services are customized to support and achieve our engagement objectives. Focused on opportunities for performance improvement, we support strengthening financial management practices and fostering progressive systems and program development.

Following are among the key objectives of our Financial Advisory Services.

  • Timeliness and Integrity of Financial & Operational Reporting
  • Early Detection of Financial & Operating Trends
  • Key Factor Reporting 
  • Industry Benchmarking of Financial & Operating Metrics
  • Development and Implementation of Performance Improvement Initiatives
  • Conceive Strategic Business Opportunities
Our Services are designed to support and augment Management. We represent a resource team to introduce an objective and informed influence in every engagement experience. Our broad industry exposure and dedicated efforts to curate business intelligence for our client interests represent our value proposition.

Capital Formation

Our Capital Formation Services embody our recognition that demonstrated operating performance coupled with management competencies are key drivers for capital access. We offer the industry insight and experience qualifications to support and achieve successful outcomes. Our project leadership and involvement extends to all phases of the underwriting process with emphasis in supporting the following key areas:

  • Strategic Business Planning Process
  • Management Structure & Effectiveness
  • Financial & Operational Reporting
  • Operations Assessment & Performance Improvement
  • Marketing & Financial Feasibility Reporting
  • Property Development Services
  • Asset Management & Oversight Reporting
Our successes in capital formation reflect our effectiveness in collaborating with our clients to conceive opportunities, influence change and overcome obstacles. Our transactional support capabilities are exhibited through exercising our insight and introducing our leadership influence. Through “Combining Capital with Care” we help bridge the gap between finance and operations.

Property Development

Our Property Development Services routinely evolve from our Strategic Business Assessment where we identify an opportunity or need involving a property initiative. Following are among the key objectives of our customized Property Development Services:

  • Leverage Existing Asset Interests
  • Identify Opportunities for New Property Initiatives
  • Conceive Operating, Capital & Development Plans
  • Support Marketing & Feasibility Processes
  • Secure All Entitlement Approvals
  • Source & Secure Capital Needs
  • Engage & Support Full Scope Development Resources
  • Facilitate Project Execution
Our associate resources include a wide range of specialized resources that we selectively introduce as circumstances may require. Our leadership influence emphasizes an outcome that is not only financially sound but also reflective of optimal design and functionality informed by operations.